Careers with the ALBA Group: value-oriented, innovative and dynamic

A corporate culture defined by firm guidelines

The ALBA Group looks set for continued growth in the future, with a business portfolio that has expanded considerably in recent decades. Today, the individual ALBA and Interseroh companies currently employ around 7,500 staff at a variety of locations, all playing their part in the ongoing growth by adding their own personality, expertise and commitment to the mix.

Clear values and guidelines

One major success factor is a corporate culture based on firm values and guidelines which apply across the Group. Collaboration, commitment, sustainability, open communication and mutual respect demonstrated in practice - these are the concrete principles that inform the day-to-day activities of the ALBA Group, guiding the manner in which we deal with one another while providing employees with the opportunity to engage on an individual level. They also create a shared understanding of the value and necessity of collaboration.


Our aim is to make sure our employees are committed and motivated and enjoy a high degree of entrepreneurial responsibility, and to show them fairness and loyalty in return. That's how we understand leadership. It's what enables our employees to utilise their full potential, and to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Our individual personnel development programmes are designed to promote entrepreneurial, sales-oriented behaviour and professional competence on every level, focusing on employees' individual requirements and potential and on optimising their work environment.

The ALBA Group operates an employee incentive scheme reflecting actual performance, based on clear guidelines and concrete targets - a further incentive for employees to act in an entrepreneurial manner and assume responsibility.

Application tips

“In your application, refer to the advertisement and clearly describe why you are the right candidate for the job.”

Jasmina Liebig, Personnel Development and Recruiting Officer

“Give your CV a good, clear structure. Stand out with the right skills rather than with fancy layout. Job descriptions in your CV help to give a good idea about you.”

Yvonne Jungk, Team Leader North, Personnel Development and Recruiting

“Be authentic in the interview and always keep sight of your goals and values. Don’t try to appear perfect, because the purpose of the interview is to get to know each other.”

Renee Loebnau, Personnel Development and Recruiting Officer

“Take all your questions along with you to the interview. That’s your opportunity to get to know the ALBA Group.”

Rolf Nagl, Personnel Development and Recruiting Officer

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