Protecting the environment by recovering raw materials

Product design, manufacture and recycling – all in one

How can manufacturers efficiently return their raw materials to the recycling loop? The key is a future-proof system for managing material flows. Expert consultants from the ALBA Group can provide extensive support for companies wishing to make internal raw material flows more sustainable. Taking the phrase "Design for Recycling" as the basis for their work, they carefully analyse material flows, working with each customer to develop company-specific recycling standards and to close the loop.

Increased efficiency means more product responsibility


Take the case of manufacturing. Once they reach the end of their useful life, old TV sets should be recycled as much as possible. To achieve this, manufacturers must incorporate the relevant processes into the production of TVs. This is the only way to optimise recycling rates for these materials in the long run. Experts from the ALBA Group work with customers to develop concepts for ensuring that recyclable materials from manufacturing are fully returned to the production process - a fine example of product responsibility in action.

And in addition to giving customers the full benefit of our recycling expertise through our consultancy services, we can, on request, manage these processes to the customer's specifications - significantly boosting resource efficiency and helping protect the environment. Our specialists can also help you find ways to avoid waste as far as possible.

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Would you like to return the raw materials you use to the production process? We can provide comprehensive advice to help you develop an integrated material flow management system - just get in touch.