The ideal entry point for students and graduates

A tailor-made start to your career at the ALBA Group

Interested in combining your studies with a taste of the real world at a leading environmental service provider and raw materials supplier? An internship or a practical final thesis within the ALBA Group will put your career on the right track from day one. It's an early opportunity for students to gain vital professional experience, supplement their theoretical education with practical insights and make sure academic success leads on to a promising start to their careers.

Karriere bei der ALBA Group als Student und Absolvent

The prospects within the ALBA Group are equally tempting for those who have finished their studies or are about to graduate. A wide range of career paths and opportunities for advancement will be open to you as a graduate trainee - especially if you're able to combine entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour with tenacity, motivation and a proactive approach. Detailed information about internships and the ALBA Group trainee programme can be found by clicking on the appropriate key words. First-hand accounts from interns and trainees are also available, bringing the world of the ALBA Group to life.

Internship at ALBA Group

Report from an intern
Josephine Schröder studies Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Brandenburg. For the ALBA group she completed a 6-month internship in HR recruitment marketing.

Erfahrungsbericht einer Praktikantin

Ms. Nitzsche, a speaker on recruitment marketing, introduced the ALBA Group in a lecture on my Business Administration course. All members of the course subsequently visited the supply and disposal centre on Potsdamer Platz. It was fascinating to see what happens below ground. The sixth semester is a mandatory internship. I approached the ALBA Group for a work placement because it is an innovative and sustainable company.

The first day was both interesting and exciting. After being warmly welcomed with a bouquet of flowers, I was introduced to all the staff members in my division. There was a short induction phase before I started to play a full part in day-to-day business, providing support in everything from general administrative tasks to project-related activities. Internal and external recruitment marketing involves a broad spectrum of tasks that I was able to sample. These included maintaining partnerships with universities, activities linked to social media such as Facebook and participation in university workshops and recruiting events. Joining one of an ALBA Group employee on a rubbish disposal tour was a great experience, too. It provided a remarkable insight into the basic work at ALBA Group. I appreciate to have come to value the work of the industrial employees.

The internship gave me a valuable insight into the world of work. By applying and expanding my theoretical knowledge, I was able to gain a great deal of practical experience. Furthermore I was applied as a working student and I am writing my bachelor thesis at the company.

Trainee Programme at ALBA Group

Would you like to add your personality to a dynamic work environment, assuming responsibility and actively helping to shape the future? Every year, our 12-month trainee programme offers around 18 junior employees a career entry point individually tailored to suit their abilities and qualifications.

The trainee programme starts with a kick-off event, combining comprehensive information about the ALBA Group with an overview of programme's content and structure.

As an ALBA Group trainee, you will work in a variety of business units for two to four months at a time, covering a variety of locations and subsidiaries. You'll be involved in the day-to-day business of the company right from the start, learning how to take on responsibility and how to manage challenging projects. And because you'll be working directly with the management of each respective unit, you'll also be laying the foundation of your professional career within the ALBA Group.

Throughout the trainee programme, you will have a personal supervisor within each unit and receive further supervision from the Human Resources department. Furthermore, all training activities have been fine-tuned to meet the individual needs of the trainee, forming the basis for successful development on a professional and personal level. Networking is a key priority at business administration workshops. These workshops will focus on lively exchanges of experience between managerial staff and other trainees. After you complete your traineeship, you will have at your fingertips the expertise required for a successful career as a specialist or executive within the ALBA Group - including some attractive opportunities for advancement in a company with an international perspective.

An insight into the trainee programme
Thomas Haubner completed a degree in business administration at the Plauen University of Cooperative Education in 2010, qualifying as a business economist specialising in health and social managment. As a newcomer, he took part in the ALBA Group's specialist trainee programme for project management between June 2012 and May 2013.

Einblick in das ALBA Group-Trainee-Programm

Can you outline the trainee programme?
The trainee programme began with a kick-off event in Cologne attended by a lot of new entrants. We were introduced to one another, given some information on the content of the programme and visited another site in Mönchengladbach on the same day. It was quite a day, going from Berlin to Cologne, then to Mönchengladbach, Cologne and finally back to Berlin. As the programme progressed, workshops on various subjects took place by turns in Berlin and Cologne.

What tasks were assigned to you?
My task was very clearly outlined to me at the outset: the aim was to develop a new kind of project management software in the context of a project, first based on Excel and subsequently web-based. This would then be rolled out across the company. I devised a number of project management templates, tested the tool on various reference projects and collaborated on software development with the ALBA Group’s Business Intelligence team. Finally, we introduced the software and our newly created project management division to the company in line with a coordinated roll-out strategy.

As a trainee, did you feel able to develop professionally and personally?
Yes, the four business administration events spring to mind, where departments like Corporate Marketing, Internal Auditing and Human Resources introduced their work and their staff. We were invited to get a feel for the role of the departments in a number of case studies. That was very interesting and I still find it really helpful now. We also attended two-day training modules on subjects such as conflict management, project management and moderation and presentation techniques.

Did you have contact with the other trainees?
Yes, the exchanges with other trainees were a lot of fun. I soon managed to make contact with people across very different departments, and I still benefit from that network today.

Was your contract limited to the duration of the trainee programme?
No, the employment contract for trainees is a permanent one. From day one this gives you a sense that the company needs its young people, which is very precious, especially in the tough economic climate.

Corporate trainee (m/f)

Are you interested in a career within the operational or strategic departments of the ALBA Group? If so, take this opportunity to join us as a corporate trainee (m/f). Over a twelve-month period, you will work in a variety of business units, following a tailored, fixed trainee plan which you will agree on with your supervisor that takes into account both your personal interests and strengths and the interests of the Group. During the course of the trainee programme, we will decide together what your main professional focus will be once you have completed the programme.

Specialist trainee (m/f)

Have you already discovered what you want to specialise in over the course of your studies?

If you have, you can begin your professional career as a specialist trainee (m/f) in one of the following departments:

  • Sales
  • Sourcing
  • Technology
  • Trading
  • Process optimisation/in-house consulting

The aim of this 12-month programme is for specialist trainees to get to know the practicalities of the business and their future area of responsibility, leaving them fully qualified for their future career. Right from the start, you will gain in-depth insights into our day-to-day business and be given the opportunity to realise projects autonomously.