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Are you ready to contribute your personal capabilities in a dynamic working environment, take on responsibility and actively shape the future? As a trainee at the ALBA Group, you will very quickly learn a lot and show what you can do in exciting projects.

Our trainee programmes are award winners!


The ALBA Group’s trainee programmes have been awarded the seal of approval of the ABSOLVENTA job portal for excellent and fair career promotion. As a condition of the award, we have committed to the ABSOLVENTA Charter for excellent and fair career promotion in trainee programmes.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for applicants

Grooming future talent at the ALBA Group

Do you offer a trainee program?

The trainee program of the ALBA Group is set up for university and college graduates, as well as professionals. It forms a foundation for the development of new professional talent within the ALBA Group. For more information and reports by former trainees, please go to

How does the ALBA Group’s corporate trainee program differ from an entry-level position?

The difference between accepting a job as a trainee and accepting an entry-level position has to do with the level of professional expertise. For this reason, all positions requiring a good deal of specialised knowledge are filled with an entry-level applicant. By contrast, trainees have a more generalised educational background.

Which disciplines are sought by the ALBA Group Trainee Program?

We seek applicants who hold degrees in business economics and engineering. However, applications from other disciplines are also welcome, since at the end of the day, it’s up to you to persuade us with your own individual attributes.

What is valued most in an applicant by the ALBA Group?

When we select new employees, entrepreneurial thought and action are especially important to us. Beginning level work experience, through training or student internships, is desirable. The most interesting candidates stand out for their personal initiative, assertiveness, and strong motivation to get things done. The most important requirement for your success is that you yourself become active.

How important is it to have previous work experience in the industry?

For an internship at the ALBA Group, previous experience in the industry is not a necessity. We are certain that within a short amount of time, you will have become familiar with our business, and will be enthusiastically helping to shape the dynamic growth of the company.

How may I apply for a position at the ALBA Group?

You may apply via our online job portal. In the description of the position, just click “apply online”.

Which file formats may be used to send documents?

Please send in your documents formatted as PDF, JPEG, or Word files, up to 2 MB.

Is it better to apply online or mail in a written application?

Please apply only using our online job portal. This insures that your application will be directed to the right person or persons, and subsequently processed quickly and efficiently.

How should my application look?

Your application must be complete with a cover letter, your personal data sheet in tabulated form (resume), school certificates, and any training certificates you may have.

When is the earliest starting date for positions that do not mention an exact calendar date?

In general, no earlier than first day of the following month. The actual start date will be agreed on between the department and the graduate selected for the position.

What is the selection process like at the ALBA Group?

After your application is submitted through our job portal, we will send you written confirmation that we have received it. After a thorough evaluation of all documents submitted, we will select applicants, with whom interviews will be conducted through the relevant department.

When may I expect a response to my application?

As soon as your materials are submitted, we will send you written confirmation that we received them. After this point, we will do all we can to process your application as quickly as possible. As it must be carefully reviewed by a number of different individuals and departments, it may be some time before we are able to send you a response.

Are the job offerings up to date?

All positions advertised on our homepage are updated regularly.

How and when is the plan outlining the various stations of the trainee program set up?

Your supervisor will plan the stations at the start of the trainee program, in cooperation with the Human Resources department. This process takes into account your individual requirements and requests, incorporating as well the current trends in the market

Who will be my contact partner within the trainee program?

During the training period, your direct supervisor is your contact partner. In addition, so-called coaching sessions will take place parallel to each station, providing you with feedback on your personal development and targeted goals. At each operational division, you will find a contact partner on site within the management of each business area and company.