Interseroh+: entry ticket to the entire raw material loop

New dual system established

Cologne. The environmental services provider Interseroh is starting this year with a new dual system and a new concept. The offer from the newly founded "Interseroh+ GmbH" is aimed at all companies that not only want to meet their legal obligation for packaging licensing but also want to take responsibility themselves for closing recycling and raw material loops. They can even become a silent partner in the start-up, if they want.

"Consumers are demanding products and packaging that are not only recyclable but are made from an ever-higher share of recyclates," says Markus Müller-Drexel, Managing Director of Interseroh+. "For manufacturers and distributors, but also for retailers with own brands, this means that they must secure access to the material loop to have sufficient recycling raw materials for their production in future." There will be a huge shortage, at the latest when the EU Commission introduces a minimum recycling quota for packaging and products in Europe. "A contract with Interseroh+ not only meets the licensing obligations but is more like an entry ticket to the entire raw material loop."

Anyone who signs up to the new Interseroh+ dual system can also take advantage of other services in addition to access to recycling raw materials – from the research laboratory in Maribor, Slovenia, to the "Made for Recycling" testing procedure, which evaluates the recyclability of packaging and provides advice on packaging design. In addition, Interseroh+ offers the complete recyclable loop beyond the licensing business from one single source, with the "in-house" partners from the Alba Group. With Alba Recycling, Germany's market leader in sorting plants, and its own plastics processing as well as national and international partners in specialised recycling processes, Interseroh+ has a comprehensive production of recycled plastics at its disposal.

Distributors can also enter into this concept in the legal form of a silent partnership. "Outwardly, this doesn't have to be done silently at all. Our partners can advertise this and make it clear to their customers that they go far beyond meeting the normal legal obligation with their commitment," says Müller-Drexel. They are no longer commissioning a service provider but getting involved themselves and taking responsibility." To clear the way for the investment, Interseroh is spinning off all competencies relating to the recycling cycle from the previous company ISD and bundling them in the new company "Interseroh+". The spin-off has legal consequences: as the system approval is in the name of ISD, "Interseroh+" has already reapplied for this approval in all federal states. Müller-Drexel: We hope that the states can approve these applications very quickly because once we receive all the approvals, we will also return our previous permit.

All old contracts as well as all experts for this business area are to be transferred to the new company. Müller Drexel continues: "Together with our customers and partners, we want to focus on the important issues of the future: the further development and closing of the loop as well as the secure supply of recyclates, in the long term too: transparency throughout the system is the absolute maxim in the new 'recycling alliance'."

About Interseroh

Next to ALBA, Interseroh is one brand under the umbrella of the ALBA Group. The ALBA Group is one of the leading recycling and environmental services companies as well as raw material providers worldwide and operates within Germany, Europa and Asia. In 2019 its divisions generated an annual turnover of 2.0 billion Euros and employed a staff of approx. 8,800 employees. In 2019 alone ALBA Group saved 4.2 million tonnes of greenhouse gases compared to primary production and at the same time 32.3 million tonnes of primary raw materials through its recycling activities.

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