New sustainability magazine: Interseroh presents innovations in the circular economy

Sustainability as a corporate strategy focus

+++ +++ With packaging optimisation for recyclability +++ Sustainability strategy leads to progress in climate protection +++

Cologne. The environmental services provider Interseroh has published its annual sustainability magazine which features innovations in the circular economy. Interseroh presents 38 pages of examples of successful climate protection concepts, recycling-friendly packaging optimisation and digital solutions for more sustainability and more considered consumption in the journalistically prepared magazine.

For example, Interseroh reports on its successes in the area of packaging optimisation. The environmental services provider is helping one of Germany's largest discounters to maximise the recyclability of its packaging with the specially developed "Check for Recycling" tool. Another example of sustainable resource protection the reader learns about is how a new designer chair was created from the recycled plastic Procyclen and how the "STAY AWHILE" online shop is supporting the population's growing need for sustainable consumption by hiring clothing.

"The new sustainability magazine shows how versatilely the possibilities of a digital world can be used for more climate and resource protection," says Markus Müller-Drexel, Managing Director of INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH."Climate protection has not just become a major political issue but is now the motivator for a large number of decisions along the entire value chain. Our task at Interseroh is to accompany our customers in this process and I am pleased to be able to highlight the success of this work in the annual sustainability magazine."

Another highlight of this year's edition of Interseroh's sustainability magazine is a discussion between sustainability expert Prof Dr Günther Bachmann and Markus Müller-Drexel on the significance of climate protection efforts in the circular economy. Bachmann headed the Council for Sustainable Development's office from 2001 to March 2020 and advised the German government in this capacity for almost 20 years. In dialogue with Müller-Drexel, Bachmann is appealing for improved structures for returning raw materials to the cycle, among other things. The whole discussion is also available to listen to as a free podcast (in German) at

Interseroh formulated the current sustainability strategy, which is based on the United Nations' 17 goals (Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs), in 2018. The Interseroh sustainability magazine is published annually and constitutes an extension of the traditional sustainability report, which is published every two years, as part of reporting. The current magazine is available at

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