Paper, cardboard and board: sorting with care

From manual work to scanners and air jets

Paper, cardboard and board can be recycled up to eight times - a classic case of an efficient recycling loop. Recycled paper also enjoys an excellent reputation among consumers. ALBA has been collecting and separating paper, cardboard and board since the company's inception over 40 years ago. High-quality recycling requires high-precision sorting into the various types of materials - and ALBA uses leading-edge plant technology that ensures accuracy of up to 98 per cent.

Recyclinganlage für PPK (Pappe/ Papier/ Kartonagen) in der ALBA Group

Automation comes to value creation

There's a revolution going on in sorting technology: at ALBA sorting plants, tasks that once had to be performed manually are now carried out using machinery such as vibrators, air jets and near-infrared scanners. The machines divide up recyclables from household-collected goods into three core groups: mixed paper, paper from supermarkets and paper that requires deinking.

The automation of this process means large quantities of materials can be sorted at high speed. Special high-quality types of paper, such as those found in small quantities at printing shops, are dealt with differently: they are collected separately at the source by the central ALBA Material Flow Management team, which then sends them for recycling. This ensures a consistently high standard of paper recycling, both in terms of cost and of environmental impact.

ALBA uses a variety of sorting techniques to separate paper, cardboard and board, producing high-quality raw materials for the manufacturing sector. If you would like to know more about our capacity and technology, please get in touch.

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