Our mission: a comprehensive waste management service

Accredited expertise for business, local authorities and the private sector

Wherever people live, waste builds up - whether it's packaging in households, loose chippings on roads, hazardous waste in the healthcare sector or demolition waste. And this wide variety of materials has an equally broad range of requirements when it comes to collecting, cleaning and recycling them. That's why an integrated waste management concept is essential for an efficient society.

The recycling experts at the ALBA Group reliably dispose of all types of waste for local authorities, households and the private sector, trade and industry and various other specialised sectors. From public-private partnership models to recycling consultancy services - the companies under the ALBA and Interseroh brands offer a diverse portfolio of services to support their customers in all issues relating to efficient waste disposal. And our experts can also make sure all a customers' legal obligations are met, comprehensively and sustainably.

ALBA Servicios Verdes S.L.

C/Septiembre, 1
28022 Madrid

ALBA Facility Solutions GmbH

Niederlassung West
Am Kiekenbusch 10
47269 Duisburg

ALBA Nord GmbH

Ziegeleiweg 12
19057 Schwerin

ALBA Braunschweig GmbH

Frankfurter Straße 251
38122 Braunschweig
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