What drives us forward

On the way to becoming Europe’s leading recycling and raw materials service provider

ALBA Group - Auf dem Weg zu Europas führendem Recycling- und Rohstoffdienstleister

Our mission

Recycling loop management, waste avoidance, raw materials trading: no other company in the green economy covers the entire spectrum of recycling technologies and services as comprehensively as the ALBA Group. Thanks to close-knit collaboration between our various departments, we are continuously developing innovations - helping conserve raw materials for future generations and contributing directly to the protection of our planet's climate and environment.

Our vision

By providing sustainable resource management for our customers, we're doing our utmost to become Europe's leading recycling and raw materials service provider.

Our promise

When you choose the ALBA Group, you're opting for a service provider that is as environmentally friendly as it is efficient in its management of raw materials and waste disposal. Together, we can make a vital contribution to the conservation of our environment, climate and resources - we give you our word.