A wide-ranging vehicle fleet

Mobility: essential for your core business

A network that spans Germany, flexibility, cost efficiency - when it comes to waste management, a wide-ranging logistics framework is essential. The ALBA Group has a vehicle fleet of over 2,600 commercial vehicles and trailers, plus around 600 pieces of machinery, such as excavators. From household waste to construction waste, from paper and glass to human waste, all our commercial vehicles are designed to allow our specialists to collect and transport waste efficiently and in a customised way.

Comprehensive and demand-oriented


Special waste management assignments call for special vehicles - so for less conventional tasks, other vehicles be called on, including winter maintenance vehicles, road sweepers, vacuum tankers and cleaning trucks, or tow trucks. The fleet also includes box vehicles and pallet trucks, which can be deployed as part of special solutions when transporting packaged freight. The ALBA Group's waste disposal experts also combine tailor-made concepts with state-of-the-art computer-assisted itinerary planning and optimisation programmes, creating a solid basis for the environmentally friendly and economically sound use of vehicles for transporting goods.


The range of vehicles available depends on the location and structure of the region in which they will be deployed. For regular jobs, our specialists use rear-loading, front loading or side-loading waste compactor vehicles, with loading capacity as required - ensuring that services are comprehensive and cost-efficient.

At collection points, depots and sorting facilities, heavy machinery is required to load and unload goods. Depending on the specific circumstances, we can offer wheeled loaders, forklift trucks or excavators.

A modern vehicle fleet is the cornerstone of the services we provide. With over 2,600 vehicles available, we offer cost-effective, resource-efficient logistics throughout Germany. To find out more, just get in touch.


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