Dealing safely with hazardous waste

Modern temporary storage for all types of waste

From paints and varnishes used in workshops, to fertilizer from market gardens - combustible, environmentally hazardous, explosive and toxic waste often come in small quantities. ALBA operates a number of temporary storage facilities where this waste can be pooled efficiently for further transport. Here - in accordance with stringent safety standards - dangerous waste is stored temporarily, compiled into larger units for transport and finally disposed of safely.


Safety is the top priority at these facilities. The walls and floors are made of a special concrete and covered with a leak-proof film, preventing any hazardous substances from seeping down into the ground. Meanwhile, the facilities are permanently ventilated to prevent any build-up of gas. Further safety measures include drip vats for liquid waste, special fire prevention measures tailored to hazardous substances and an in-house sprinkler system.

To ensure hazardous waste is pre-treated in the correct way, ALBA operates special temporary storage facilities that meet the very latest safety standards, ensuring storage according to type, logistically optimised transport and environmentally friendly disposal.

Professional waste management. The highest environmental standards.
ALBA services hazardous waste at a glance

If you would like to know more about our high safety standards enforced at our temporary storage facilities, please get in touch.