Code of Conduct

Whistleblower Portal

Integrity and honesty are central components of our corporate culture. Our Code of Conduct is designed to help us make the right decisions in our daily work. It lays the foundation for responsible cooperation.

If you as an employee have sincere and serious concerns about misconduct or wrongdoing in our company, our whistleblower portal offers you the opportunity to report them anonymously. All reports are taken seriously, reviewed and treated with strict confidentiality. 


Our Code of Conduct

The basis of our actions is provided by our Code of Conduct (Verhaltenskodex). As a shared guideline,
it designates the minimum standards regarding the way in which we relate to each other at ALBA, but
also with business partners and the public. In this respect, the Code of Conduct follows a simple and
fundamental principle: all of us – whether we are employees, managers or members of the board of
directors – are required to act appropriately and properly in our daily work.