Upcycling is catching on

Consumer waste – a valuable source of raw materials

Waste not, want not - the basic notion behind recycling loop management is more topical than ever. It is already standard practice to recycle many types of waste almost entirely, including scrap metal, waste paper and used glass. The resulting secondary raw materials are used to replace new goods, reducing dependency on imports. In this respect, plastic packaging waste trailed behind for a long time. Particularly in the early days of packaging recycling, there was a lack of suitable procedures for separating out and sorting recyclable household waste - a prerequisite for high-quality recycling.

Kunststoffe aus der Gelben Tonne in der Siebtrommel

Those days are finally gone. The latest generation of sorting and recycling plants separate films, bottles, cups and other plastic products precisely by type, then process them into a clean, granular raw material for industry. The ALBA Group has taken this a step further, tailoring the processes in the material recycling chain more closely than ever to industrial processes - from quality control of the source material and processing the compound in line with customised formulae, to quality control of the end product. Today, the ALBA Group transforms used plastics into raw materials with specially defined properties and a quality level to match that of new materials, preserving the original value of the material - upcycling in the best sense of the word.

If you'd like to know more about our innovative recycling processes and the resulting high-quality plastic products, please get in touch.

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