recycled-resource – a system with great potential

Recycling without comprising on quality

Taking back used household packaging is one thing - but processing it into a high-quality raw material that can be re-used by industry is a different challenge altogether. Recyclable household waste is extremely diverse, which to date has made it hard to develop recycled plastics of consistent quality. Now, INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH - an ALBA Group company - has succeeded in processing used plastics into compounds tailored to a customer's requirements, with properties comparable to those of new materials.

Granulat aus Recycling-Kunststoff

A recipe for efficiency

"recycled-resource" is the name of the innovative process developed by specialists at Interseroh over years of joint research with the plastics industry. First, modern sorting processes are used to separate individual types of plastic from recyclable household waste. These are then ground up and washed. Now comes the vital stage: the sorted, ground-up material is further processed into a granulate, using specially developed formulations and the bare minimum of additives and colours. This allows us to meet almost any customer requirement.

Plastics recycling of ALBA Group: Interseroh recycled-resource

With its "recycled-resource" system, Interseroh has closed the recycling loop for used plastics. If you would like to join those manufacturing products made entirely from recycled materials and thereby reduce your environmental impact, please get in touch.

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