Recycling – keeping materials in good supply

Place your waste in experienced hands – from take-back to recycling

Intelligent management of the recycling loop has always been a part of the ALBA Group's core business. Recycling conserves resources, reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions and, not least, makes the economy less dependent on primary raw materials.

Dr Eric Schweitzer - Recycling in der ALBA Group







„The reliable supply of industrial raw materials is an essential aspect of the German economy. At this stage, we have made a significant contribution to the recycling industry for over 45 years, maintaining a family run business.”

Dr Eric Schweitzer, Board Member, ALBA Group

The recycling specialists from ALBA and Interseroh have set themselves the goal of fully exploiting the potential of recycling - without compromising on product quality. To achieve this aim, two key elements are vital. Firstly, efficient take-back systems, allowing us to ensure a high level of purity in the recyclables we collect. And secondly, state-of-the-art recycling technologies to safeguard the production of secondary raw materials for the global market in the long term.

Drawing on many years of experience and expertise, ALBA and Interseroh aim to return as many materials as possible to the recycling loop - using comprehensive take-back systems and innovative processing methods to make sure industry has a sustainable supply of the raw materials it needs.

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