Residual waste – a focus on future-oriented strategies

Getting to grips with residual household waste

The efficient disposal of residual waste is one of the key responsibilities of the waste management industry. In the past, both the public and private sectors have developed and established a wide range of different recycling techniques. For local authorities seeking the best possible combination of eco-friendly procedures, the specialist companies within the ALBA Group offer certified waste management services - with innovative solutions for the expert collection and recycling of domestic and commercial waste.

Keeping pace with modern technology


ALBA Group specialists are already disposing of residual waste on behalf of many towns and local communities, using state-of-the-art technology to recycle as much of it as possible. What remains is then used for energy generation in traditional power plants and waste-fed heating and power plants.

With international experience in every area of the waste management and recycling industry, leading-edge technological expertise and a reliable service for partners and end consumers alike, the ALBA Group is committed to tendering for local community waste management contracts across Europe.

If you are a local authority looking for a reliable partner to dispose of your residual waste, in an expert and eco-friendly way, just get in touch.

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