Winter maintenance – reliable gritting and snow ploughing

Better road safety thanks to expertise and state-of-the-art equipment

Local authorities always have their hands full when winter arrives: to keep the streets safe and minimise the risk to drivers, passengers and pedestrians, snow must be cleared away quickly and roads gritted to counter black ice. That's where the ALBA Group's specialists come in, offering local communities the complete range of winter maintenance services, using a fleet of vehicles fitted with state-of-the-art equipment.

Weathering the cold, ice and snow


No matter how cold it gets, our winter maintenance specialists ensure that public spaces remain safe. Our mobile staff pay expert care and attention to maintaining roadways and pavements and meeting the local authority's cleaning obligations in full, while remaining alert to environmental issues - in their use of road salt, for instance.

Our service starts once temperatures drop close to zero. That's when, for example, we start laying grit on areas where ice poses a particular risk, such as bridges or pedestrian crossings. By preventing obstructions from ever arising, our experts ensure traffic and public transport continue to run, right up to the town limits and beyond.

Are you a local authority looking for an expert partner to provide winter maintenance services? We offer an end-to-end service package for maintaining pavements and roadways in bad weather, complete with a full fleet of vehicles and in-depth expertise. To learn more, just get in touch.

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