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In line with the German Packaging Ordinance (Verpackungsverordnung), manufacturers or retailers must declare all retail packaging using a dual system. This excludes packaging accumulated at sites comparable to private households, such as hospitals, schools and colleges, workshops, hotels or catering outlets. Often, the composition of the waste here requires an industry-specific solution for collection.

Branchenlösung - Lizenzierung von Verpackungen

Customer-specific answers to all packaging questions

Every year, German certification body ZER-QMS confirms that Interseroh is able to verify recycling volumes and quotas for each industry. Our collection model provides customers with a clear, transparent basis for issuing a declaration of compliance - something that the German Packaging Ordinance requires of all parties bringing packaging into circulation.

Industry-specific solutions from Interseroh ensure reliable, safe collection and recycling for retail packaging accumulated at hospitals, catering outlets and similar sites. If you are looking for the best possible take-back solution for your packaging, please get in touch.

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