Spotlight on local authorities

Expert, cost-effective support for towns and councils

Making towns nice places to live in is an organisational and financial challenge for the state and local authorities - and a key component of that is waste management. Throughout Germany, experts from the ALBA Group help local authorities run their waste disposal services in a logistically and economically sound way. Our specialists work closely with local councils to develop waste management strategies. And sharing processing and recycling facilities creates additional synergy.

Entsorgungsleistungen für Kommunen

For many years, public-private partnership models have been deployed with great success in various German states, easing the burden on both the federal budget and the environment. From disposing of household waste, to collecting recyclable materials, to street cleaning and winter maintenance, we cover the entire range of public sector services.

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ALBA Braunschweig GmbH

Frankfurter Straße 251
38122 Braunschweig

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Salzwiesen 4
29410 Salzwedel

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Schramberger Straße 59
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Benzstraße 17
74076 Heilbronn
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