End-to-end services for construction and demolition

Demolition made easy – with robust equipment and smooth procedures

It is no longer acceptable just to tear down buildings - the professional dismantling and demolition of buildings and plant complexes must now be carefully planned. And with public funds under pressure and environmental regulations becoming stricter, there's an increasing demand for cost-effective, sustainable demolition concepts.

Entsorgungsleistungen für Bau und Demontage

ALBA Group experts offer the complete spectrum of services for demolishing public buildings without leaving a trace: blasting, dismantling and breakup, soil remediation and asbestos abatement, recycling and waste disposal and the removal of inherited waste.

The right solution for every building project

Our demolition experts have the full range of modern large-scale and specialist equipment at their disposal, ensuring compliance with the latest safety and environmental standards in all projects. Our customers also benefit from professional consultancy, helping them find efficient solutions that use resources sparingly.

For example, building sites are supplied with individual storage containers for each material fraction. This means waste such as concrete and bricks, mixed building waste that includes additional materials such as wood and metal, recyclable materials and hazardous waste can all be sorted and pooled on-site. Our experts also assume full responsibility for recycling waste correctly.

Are you looking for a skilled partner to help you demolish buildings and dispose of construction waste? We can provide a complete service package for the cost-effective demolition of buildings, plus environmentally friendly waste disposal and recycling - just get in touch.

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