Recycling consultancy for consumers

Collecting and sorting made easy

What are the end consumer's obligations when it comes to waste? What kind of waste belongs in which bin? And how are recyclables turned into new products? When consumers want to find out about the collection and recycling of materials, they turn to their local authorities. Many use public information hotlines to handle this. But when recycling consultancy is required, the ALBA Group's recycling experts can provide support throughout Germany.

Recyclingberatung für Verbraucher - Wie trenne ich richtig?

Better sorting through better information

From avoiding waste, to hazardous waste, to public collection points - our experts can field questions from consumers on every aspect of waste management. And right across Germany, the ALBA Group also has specialists with the right knowledge to advise on statutory provisions and on safe waste disposal. These consultancy services benefit local authorities, residents and the environment in equal measure: when consumers are well-informed, the amount of recyclable materials collected in a local community rises significantly, helping conserve natural resources.

We can assume responsibility for advising residents on all matters relating to waste management and recycling. To learn more, just get in touch.

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