Effective renovation for damaged real estate

Decontamination for buildings and land

From hospitals to schools and nurseries, public buildings must adhere to strict safety and environmental standards. Unfortunately, old buildings are especially liable to contain materials that constitute a health hazard, such as asbestos or PCBs, and getting rid of these toxic and harmful substances calls for expert procedures. The effective management of harmful substances is also essential when dealing with contaminated land. This is why ALBA Group specialists offer tailored technical solutions for rehabilitating buildings and land.

Sanierung von öffentlichen Gebäuden (Flächensanierung)

High-tech procedures for managing harmful substances

Soil management is key. For example, if oil has seeped out of a leaky tank and into the ground, we use special equipment to clean the soil. Depending on the level of contamination, this may involve biological, chemical or physical methods. In addition to the environmentally friendly removal of harmful substances and residual waste, our specialists are also available to coordinate reclamation work and develop concepts for remodelling formerly polluted land.

Are you looking for a reliable partner to remove harmful substances from buildings and land? We offer a comprehensive, effective, environmentally friendly service for real estate - just get in touch.

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