Spotlight on energy generation companies

Professional waste management solutions for power plants

Companies operating commercial plants and facilities must fulfil extremely stringent requirements - particularly in terms of waste management and recycling. And energy generation companies are no exception: hazardous waste must be disposed of in a safe, environmentally friendly manner, and materials recycled as fully as possible. The ALBA Group offers expert support in these areas.

Managing hazardous waste and recyclable materials safely


At an on-site storage facility for hazardous waste inside the power plant, the team handles the type-specific sorting of hazardous waste such as turbine oil. Meanwhile, in a recycling station outside the plant, waste management specialists sort recyclable materials such as pallets, containers and paper. The waste is then sent directly to a dedicated recycling facility, so that valuable secondary raw materials can be returned to the recycling loop.

We are a reliable partner for the disposal of waste for energy generation companies. If you are interested in working with an expert who can ensure the cost-efficient, environmentally friendly recycling of commercial and hazardous waste, just get in touch.

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