Waste disposal concepts for retail

Integrated waste management to strengthen your core business

In every branch and storage facility of every retail chain, large quantities of recyclable and residual waste are generated on a daily basis. For many companies, managing these material flows is extremely time-consuming and costly. What they need is a reliable partner to handle waste management for them. This is where the specialised companies in the ALBA Group come in. They offer a comprehensive range of services to help commercial enterprises dispose of their waste correctly - which in turn frees them up to devote more time to their core business.

From your store to the recycling plant and back

Right across Germany, the certified waste management companies in the ALBA Group collect waste of every kind, at source. Thanks to our comprehensive logistics network, commercial waste from the mixed recyclables bin reaches our recycling plants in next to no time.


During processing, the individual elements of the waste are sorted and any recyclable materials recycled in an eco-friendly way. This returns valuable secondary raw materials to the recycling loop, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and conserves natural resources.

With our pooling system, our Services division enables retailers to avoid some kind of waste completely. Our plastic crates, made of recycling material, offer a complete logistic system for any goods – and for the route from the supplier just into the shop. After use, the craters are checked, cleaned up – and start the next round of their journey. For a major discounter in German alone, our pooling system avoided up to now more than 400 million cardboard craters.

Are you a retail chain in search of a reliable partner to dispose of your commercial waste, cost-efficiently and in an eco-friendly way? We are specialists in the disposal of waste from stores and storage facilities. To learn more, just get in touch.

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