Entsorgung Gesundheitswesen

Waste management services for health and social care

Helping patients feel the benefit

From hospitals to retirement homes - wherever people are in need of medical care and supervision, extremely high standards are called for in terms of tidiness and cleanliness. To ensure the welfare of patients and employees alike, carefully thought-out concepts for waste, environmental and quality management are essential. Health and social care institutions can benefit from a dedicated package of services from ALBA Group experts, combining professional consultancy, waste management and facility services.

From used batteries to hygiene plans


Our specialists can dispose of every type of waste - from medical waste, to leftover food, to technical waste such as phosphorescent material and batteries. All waste is managed in compliance with the legal requirements, and all recyclable materials are saved.

After the environmentally friendly disposal of waste, expert consultancy is a top priority for the specialised companies within the ALBA Group - in the creation of hygiene plans, for instance, or internal waste management. Various facility services are also available, where required, for infrastructure or technology in hospitals, retirement homes and the like. These include winter maintenance services, gardening and landscaping, and maintenance work on technical facilities such as lifts.

Are you looking for a reliable partner to provide cost-effective waste management and facility solutions? To learn more about our service package tailored to the needs of the health and social care sector, please get in touch.

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