Energy generation – tapping into hidden potential

A new lease of life for the energy industry

Fermentation, combined heat and power generation, substitute fuel extraction - waste offers an excellent basis for energy generation depending on the type of waste and the materials it contains. The ALBA Group has a variety of different procedures that intelligently combine expert waste management with resource-efficient power generation.

Ersatzbrennstoffe aus Restmüll - Energiegewinnung für Kommunen

Resource efficiency across the board

In mechanical-physical stabilisation (MPS) plants operated in conjunction with the waste management and street cleaning firm Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe (BSR), ALBA uses processes developed in-house to produce substitute fuels. Because of their high heating value, these products are used as "green coal" in power plants and other sites. Meanwhile, our biowaste fermentation facilities generate methane, a valuable fuel for combined heat and power generation. And from biomass, such as wood waste or green waste, we are able to extract a resource-efficient substitute fuel for the energy industry.

All energy-related recycling processes undertaken by our materials experts comply with the latest environmental standards. And the ALBA Group continues to focus on further developing our expertise, with the aim of creating even more eco-friendly alternatives to fossil fuels like oil and gas, and further reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Are you looking for a partner to help you put together alternative concepts for waste management and energy generation? The ALBA Group's recycling experts offer a comprehensive range of innovative technologies and processes - just get in touch.

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