Specialised needs – specialised solutions

Tailored services from a single source

Waste comes in countless shapes and sizes. Depending on where the waste is accumulated, proper management and recycling require special expertise. That's why ALBA Group customers are offered waste management solutions tailored precisely to the requirements of a variety of specialised sectors.

Entsorgungsleistungen für Spezialbranchen (z.B. Schiffbau)

Whether it's for the armed forces, retail or the housing sector, the certified waste management companies within the ALBA Group use their extensive experience to serve the best interests of customers and the environment alike. Using innovative procedures, they extract valuable secondary raw materials from countless types of waste, returning these materials to the material recycling chain. And because of the stringent legal requirements for resource-efficient processes, there is also an increasing demand for comprehensive consultancy services in matters relating to the environment and energy management.

Find out which specialised sectors we already support with tailored waste management concepts.

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