Experts in ship dismantling

Old cargo ships – a treasure trove of raw materials

According to the EU Commission, every year around 1,000 cargo ships such as tankers or container vessels - all a rich source of materials - are scrapped. To maximise the quantities of resources recovered from these ships, and to ensure the safe disposal of hazardous substances, they must be dismantled efficiently. State-of-the-art machinery and equipment and an in-depth knowledge of ship dismantling, current legal requirements and how to dispose of toxic or hazardous substances safely, are all crucial.

Recycling von alten Handelsschiffen

Comprehensive dismantling, from the engine to lifeboats

When the time comes for retired ships to be broken up into material groups and individual components, the German Navy and many small shipping companies turn to ALBA and its waste management specialists. The challenge is to process and recycle several thousand tonnes of steel and non-ferrous metal correctly and in an eco-friendly way. Our expert teams also salvage spare parts of all kinds, from navigation devices, to lifeboats, to entire engines. All parts are then prepared for resale.

As an expert partner for steel and metal recycling, ALBA provides ship dismantling services in various German states. And at the company-owned harbour in Rostock, which has a 400 metre-long wharf and a depth of 5.7 metres, ships with a capacity of up to 3,500 tonnes can be loaded and unloaded simultaneously.

ALBA provides dismantling services for retired vessels for the German Navy and small shipping companies. We salvage all recyclable materials, while disposing safely of hazardous substances. So if you're looking for expert help with ship dismantling, just get in touch.

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