Glass: an infinitely recyclable resource

High standards for a delicate raw material

With more than 40 years' experience in waste management under its belt, the ALBA Group is also qualified to handle the expert disposal of used glass. This valuable, environmentally friendly material has always been of interest in the field of recycling, since glass can be melted down and reshaped as often as desired, with virtually no loss of quality. For households and private consumers, the glass experts at the ALBA Group collect packaging made of so-called hollow glass - pickle jars, for instance, or wine bottles. After the sorting process, the various types of glass are sent for correct recycling.

Colour separation for high-quality glass recycling

Glas Farbentrennung

ALBA gives households and private consumers the choice of bringing their used glass to a collection point or having it picked up. We provide "igloo containers" on streets, or special bins for every private home – the system used varies by every community,. The key to high-quality recycling is to make sure the glass is carefully sorted by colour in advance. Clear glass, for example, needs to be sorted separately. Green glass is less affected by other colours, so there is no harm in putting other colours such as blue into the green glass container.

Waste management specialists at ALBA Group dispose of used glass from households and private consumers, and make sure it is correctly recycled. This free service is available throughout Germany. If you would like to know more about our glass collection service, please get in touch.

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