Organic waste and green waste: straight from garden to bin

Easy disposal of plant waste

Cut grass, withered plants, cuttings from hedges and bushes - homes and gardens regularly generate biodegradable waste (biowaste) and green waste. Disposing of this rubbish correctly, in often extremely large amounts, calls for expert concepts. And ALBA Group's experienced recycling specialists offer just that: efficient solutions for disposing of plant waste generated by households.

Forming partnerships to reduce our carbon footprint


And the same applies when it comes to emptying domestic biowaste bins. Working with local authorities, our specialists manage biowaste disposal in a number of towns and communities, ensuring that household waste is dealt with efficiently. This benefits the environment too - sorting the waste at the point of origin reduces waste, closes material recycling loops and cuts greenhouse gas emissions.

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to dispose of domestic plant waste? We can help, with eco-friendly recycling solutions for biowaste and green waste. To learn more, just get in touch.

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