Entsorgung Papier

Paper – bin it!

Used, collected, recycled

Newspapers, all types of paper, cardboard and board are valuable resources. To make sure these materials are recycled as fully as possible, German consumers use either "Blaue Tonnen" ("Blue Bins") or waste paper containers, depending on where they live. The ALBA Group's recycling experts are also contributing to the eco-friendly recycling of paper, cardboard and board by assuming responsibility for collecting recyclables on behalf of local authorities in a number of regions of Germany. This ensures the complete recycling of every type of waste paper, including retail packaging.

"PAPPY" - bins for Berlin

In Berlin, our PAPPY initiative provides consumers with an customer-tailored collection system. Paper bins are available to order online; our specialists then deliver them to private households, and collect the recyclables at regular, defined intervals. "PAPPY" bins are an eco-friendly way for consumers to dispose of their cardboard, paper, newspapers, magazines and board.

Repaper - money for all newspapers and magazines

The ALBA Group also participates in the Repaper system, maintaining a number of waste paper collection points throughout Germany. This system allows consumers to hand in their collected newspapers, magazines and general waste paper in return for cash.

Pappe Papier

All paper, cardboard and board should be recycled. We offer consumers a range of solutions for this, all available free of charge. For detailed information about collection times, the "PAPPY" bin or the "Repaper" system, just get in touch.

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