Stahl und Metall

Steel and metal: the easy way to ensure correct disposal

It’s worth getting rid of scrap metal

From used copper coils to old mudguards, scrap and discarded metal are full of potential. To the expert, what might appear no longer usable becomes a rich source of valuable secondary raw materials. This is why ALBA’s materials specialists accept scrap metal, non-ferrous metal and stainless steel from private customers at designated collection points.

Material recycling loops protect raw materials reserves

The joint efforts of individuals and recycling experts benefit the environment in the long term, closing material recycling loops and conserving scarce natural resources. Our certified waste management companies make sure all steel and metal fractions are sorted, processed and recycled in accordance with the latest environmental standards, even when there is a complex mix of materials.

Interseroh: Steel and Metals Recycling at the ALBA Group

The latest technology. Sustainable processing.
ALBA services steel and metals recycling at a glance

Do you have scrap or discarded metal that you'd like to dispose of? ALBA will buy your scrap steel and metal and recycle it in an environmentally friendly way - just get in touch.

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