Recyclable household waste: a rich source of materials

Collecting and recycling lightweight packaging in full

ALBA disposes of lightweight packaging from private households correctly and at no cost to the consumer. Materials collected include all types of retail packaging made from plastic, metal or composite materials, such as yoghurt pots, milk cartons, animal food cans, polystyrene, and aluminium lids.

Entsorgung der Gelbe Tonne für Leichtverpackungen

Unmixed materials returned to the recycling loop

Depending on their region or local authority, German consumers use either a "Gelbe Tonne" ("Yellow Bin") or "Gelber Sack" ("Yellow Bag"), and these are emptied on a set day. The collected packaging is then expertly recycled. Thanks to these collections, even more raw materials can now be extracted and returned to the recycling loop - such as tin plate cans, which can now be recycled completely and used in the manufacture of car bodies, for example.

ALBA collects "Yellow Bins" and "Yellow Bags" throughout Germany as a free service for all private households. If you would like to find out your collection day or order a "Yellow Bin", or if you have any questions, please click on the German state where you live or contact us directly.

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