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More than just scrap

After use, ferrous metals can be used again and again to make new products - hence their reputation as "everlasting" materials. This is also why, alongside iron ore itself, steel scrap is the most important raw material in the steel industry. Interseroh processes scrap steel to all standards of quality or in accordance with customer requirements, then sells these metal materials around the world. Our customers include steelworks and foundries in Germany and worldwide.

Metallwerkstoffe als wichtiger Rohstoff in der Stahlindustrie

Choose your own specifications

When processing steel scrap, Interseroh follows the European Steel Scrap Specification, which dictates metal quality and composition. It distinguishes between new scrap generated during manufacturing - for example, punched scrap, shavings or sheets - and old scrap from worn-out consumer or industrial goods. Interseroh can accept both types in large quantities and, depending on a customer's requirements, can deliver light or heavy densities, shredded scrap, shavings or scrap bundles.

Top-quality logistics

In international retail, reliable, timely delivery is vital. Products are transported in lorries, by rail and by ship. Interseroh even has its own deep-sea terminal in the Dutch town of Dordrecht, where up to 30,000 tonnes can be loaded onto ocean-going vessels and shipped worldwide. Thanks to this high-performance logistics network, our experts are constantly able to maintain the material flows required by our international customers.

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