Used metal and foundry scrap

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly

Interseroh is a major recycler and seller of used metal, offering ready-to-use piledriving materials and steel sheet pile walls, and supplying customers with high-quality foundry scrap.

Nutzeisenmetalle und Gießereischrotte

Used metal

From steel bands from surplus production to dismantled storage tanks, used or downgrade steel can still be put to good use - and is an environmentally sound, cost-effective production alternative to virgin materials. Interseroh has extensive experience in international steel trading. The ALBA Group specialists have the necessary expertise to assess the starting product safely and ensure that the customer's specifications are met precisely.

Steel sheet pile walls and piledriving materials

To meet the specific requirements of hydraulic and civil engineering, Interseroh also supplies new and used piledriving materials and steel sheet pile walls, fulfilling even last-minute orders smoothly thanks to quick delivery channels and smart logistics. We also use computer-assisted materials identification. As a result, clear information - for example, the material length or grade of steel - can be allocated to each individual item.

Interseroh is an experienced international dealer in used metal and foundry scrap. We cover the entire range - for more information, just get in touch.

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