Tailored concepts for managing commercial waste

Keeping all types of waste under control

For commercial waste, ALBA Group specialists offer waste management concepts specially tailored to the requirements of each customer. Commercial waste is found in companies, offices and public institutions, and is similar to regular household waste in its composition. Materials might include paper, glass, metal, wood, textiles or plastic. All recyclable elements must be sorted at the point of origin or collection. Under certain circumstances, some fractions may be collected together and sorted later. The specific rules governing the disposal of commercial waste can be found in the German Commercial Waste Ordinance (Gewerbeabfallverordnung - GewAbfV). Its new version, which entered into force as from 1st August 2017, the requirements especially for small and medium enterprises are even stricter. There are only a few exceptions.

Efficient, reliable, environmentally friendly

Our experts can provide extensive advice on the relevant statutory provisions and the various disposal options for commercial waste. They can develop tailored concepts based on a customer's specific situation, and offer the full range of services under one roof - from setting up a container system, to collecting waste, to recycling. And cost efficiency, legal compliance and environmental friendliness remain key priorities throughout.

Gewerbeabfall Tonne

Our experienced specialists can offer support in all matters relating to commercial waste, providing comprehensive advice and implementing solutions that are fully in line with statutory provisions, and geared precisely towards your company's requirements. To find out more, just get in touch.

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