Managing production waste professionally

Innovative, on-site waste management models

Industry and trade generate large volumes of production waste - leftover metals or plastics, for example. And ALBA provides tailor-made solutions for the efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly disposal of all waste fractions. Working closely with customers, innovative concepts are developed for on-site waste management at their production facilities. For example, it's possible for qualified ALBA staff to work directly at the waste material's point of origin, so they can collect, sort and remove the waste in question.

Successfully closing material recycling loops


ALBA experts are currently working with car manufacturers with a view to implementing pioneering models for production waste management. This means, for example, that a manufacturer's plastic waste can be fully sorted, disassembled and ground up on the premises. Through this efficient integration of production and waste management, valuable raw materials can be reclaimed from waste and returned to the recycling loop. And the cost for transportation will be minimized.

ALBA offers custom-tailored waste management concepts for all kinds of production waste, while developing pioneering solutions for capturing and recycling materials at the point of origin. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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