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The scrap metal experts in the ALBA Group dispose of a wide range of used metals. In general, these can be divided into two main groups: ferrous metals such as scrap steel and foundry scrap, and non-ferrous metals consisting of materials like copper, aluminium, zinc or lead. A distinction is also drawn between new scrap derived from production waste, and old scrap arising from the demolition of factories and buildings, for example. Whatever the instance, our recycling experts can extract significant quantities of secondary raw materials from all types of used steel and metal.

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The ALBA Group includes certified waste disposal companies offering transparent, reliable and tailored solutions for shipping scrap metal of all kinds throughout Europe. Our specialists provide suitable containers and collect the waste - either regularly or on demand, as required. Industry and businesses also have the option of bringing their used metal to the collection points themselves.

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ALBA services steel and metals recycling at a glance

We also offer a comprehensive range of industry-specific services, such as transformer dismantling, breakup and scrapping or the disassembly of technical plants and facilities.

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