Ideal solutions for building rubble and mixed construction waste

For clean, successful construction, renovation and dismantling

Construction, renovation and demolition works usually generate significant volumes of rubble and mixed waste. Building rubble consists exclusively of mineral waste such as concrete, bricks, ceramics, soil and sand. Mixed construction waste, on the other hand, is a mixture of mineral waste and other materials such as wood, glass and metal. A detailed list of all such materials can be found in the German List of Wastes Ordinance (Abfallverzeichnis-Verordnung - AVV) under waste code number 17. Hazardous building waste, such as insulating materials containing asbestos, is marked with an asterisk* in the AVV and must be disposed of separately.

A solution for every type of waste

The specialist companies in the ALBA Group can dispose of every type of waste generated by construction sites, providing suitable containers for use on site and collecting them once they are full. The number and size of these containers depend on which waste fractions are involved and whether or not the customer is sorting the materials in advance. Our waste management specialists offer a personalised consultancy service to help customers choose the right containers for them. It often makes sense to supply construction sites with containers for hazardous waste and for recyclables such as paper and cardboard, as well as for building rubble or mixed construction waste. If they prefer, customers can transport their waste to the regional recycling plant themselves. Either way, the environmentally friendly recycling of all construction waste is guaranteed.

Demolition, dismantling and renovation

In addition to our waste disposal solutions, our experts also offer a range of other construction-related services such as the demolition, renovation or gutting of buildings. They also have extensive expertise when it comes to specific challenges such as dismantling power plants, factories and other industrial sites. We also specialise in soil remediation - developing and implementing made-to-measure concepts for the environmentally friendly processing and disposal of soil damaged by harmful substances.

Bauschutt Entsorgung

With services ranging from building demolition, to soil remediation, to the disposal of building rubble and mixed construction waste, we are an expert, experienced partner for all your construction-related needs. To find out more, just get in touch.

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