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A broad range of services for paper and cardboard

Collecting waste paper and cardboard

When it comes to disposing of waste paper and cardboard such as catalogues, brochures, newspapers or cardboard packaging, the ALBA Group provides tailored disposal solutions for industry and trade. Our specialists can help customers set up systems for separate collection, with containers of all sizes available on request - from the regular "Blaue Tonne" ("Blue Bin") used for paper waste in Germany, to compaction containers that compress the material, thereby maximising the use of container space.

Acting responsibly


By systematically collecting their paper and cardboard, businesses are helping conserve resources - after all, waste paper is a valuable raw material. In plants owned by the ALBA Group, the paper is sorted and processed in an environmentally friendly way by our recycling experts. The resulting secondary fibres are then used by the paper industry to manufacture new paper.

If your business is looking to dispose of large or small volumes of paper and cardboard, the ALBA Group can help. Our paper experts will ensure your recyclables are collected efficiently and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. To find out more, just get in touch.

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