The “Gelbe Tonne (Plus)”: for lightweight packaging and more

Innovative collecting systems mean increased efficiency

The ALBA Group's experts can provide a future-proof, tailored solution for any type of waste generated by industry or trade. For example: In Germany, the ALBA Group collects lightweight packaging from households using the "Gelbe Tonne" ("Yellow Bin") system, and then sends it for recycling. The recyclables collected include film bags, foil trays and composite materials such as vacuum packaging.

Bins deliver added value


Business customers in towns like Leipzig can also use the "Gelbe Tonne Plus" ("Yellow Bin Plus") system to dispose of packaging, as well as small electrical devices (up to 30 cm, whitout batteries and cable) and metal objects such as pots and pans - which all adds up to less waste and more recycling. To collect the recyclables, our experts install the appropriate container systems on site. This ensures that foil trays and other lightweight packaging are recycled correctly, in line with the German Packaging Law (Verpackungsgesetz).

We can offer your business a tailored waste management solution for lightweight packaging and other recyclables. Our experts will be happy to support and assist you - just get in touch.

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