Leftover food is recyclable too

Letting nothing go to waste

Disposing of leftover food and kitchen waste such as fats and cooking oils for hotels, restaurants and the food service industry is all part of day-to-day business for the experts from the ALBA Group. A great deal of attention is paid to efficiency and hygiene, as well as sustainability - because these types of waste are also suitable for environmentally friendly recycling - in biogas plants, for example.

Serving the catering industry

Our specialists can advise customers on the relevant statutory provisions and how to collect food waste correctly. We can also provide special containers, pick up the waste and transport it for further treatment and recycling. And if required, in addition to disposing of leftover food, our experts can also cater for other types of waste generated in this sector - such as food packaging, paper and cardboard. And because we're present throughout Germany, we're able to service major restaurant chains nationwide.

Speisereste entsorgen

We can develop tailored concepts for the collection, transportation and recycling of leftover food generated by your business. If you have any questions, we'll be happy to advise you.

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