What to do with used wood?

Solutions for the world’s oldest raw material

The specialist companies in the ALBA Group can dispose of waste wood of all kinds - from pallets, crates and furniture to window frames, fences, construction timber and railway sleepers. Many types of waste wood contain substances that can be harmful to human health and/or the environment, such as wood preservative. This type of wood must be treated as hazardous waste.

Holz recyclen

Sorting wood into four categories

Essentially, the disposal and recycling of wood is governed by the German Waste Wood Ordinance (Altholzverordnung). This specifies four categories of waste wood, A1 to A4, depending on type, quality and degree of contamination. Our experts can advise customers on how to classify waste wood, which types of wood can be disposed of together, and which should be sorted into separate containers.

Take-back - quick and safe

In certified specialist waste management facilities belonging to the ALBA Group, waste wood of every category is received and processed - expertly and in an environmentally friendly, legally compliant way. Customers have the choice of dropping off their wood themselves or using a collection service. The specialists use the waste wood to produce high-quality waste wood recyclates that lend themselves to a variety of applications - in the production of chipboards, for example.

Does your business generate waste wood? ALBA Group experts will be happy to advise you. We can ensure that your waste wood is disposed of correctly, regardless of quantity or type - just get in touch.

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