Dealing correctly with waste oil

Strict rules for used lubricants

There are strict environmental regulations concerning the disposal of waste oils such as engine, gearbox or hydraulic oil. Used oils must be collected as hazardous waste, and kept well away from ground water and soil. A detailed register of all types of waste oil can be found in the German List of Wastes Ordinance (Abfallverzeichnis-Verordnung - AVV). There is also the German Waste Oil Ordinance (Altölverordnung), which sets out the exact provisions governing disposal and groups oils into four categories for collection purposes. Oils from different categories may not be mixed, and waste oils may not be combined with other types of waste.

Success with comprehensive services and consultancy

Beratung Altöl

The waste oil experts at the ALBA Group offer one-stop services for the correct disposal of all types of waste oil in a safe, environmentally friendly and legally compliant way. Extensive consultancy is available to customers on issues such as which category a type of waste oil should be assigned to, and how it should be collected and disposed of.

There are strict legal requirements governing the correct handling of waste oil. We can help trade and industry dispose of their used oils in an expert, environmentally friendly way. To find out more, just get in touch.

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