Medizinische Abfälle

Disposing of medical waste safely, cleanly and hygienically

Giving medical waste a clean bill of health

Hospitals, medical practices, pharmacies and care homes generate various types of medical waste - from out-of-date or used medicines, syringes and cannulae, to disposable clothes and incontinence products, to infectious and pathological waste. There is a wide range of legislation governing the management of medical waste - for example, dangerous substances such as cytostatic drugs or infectious materials must be treated as hazardous waste.

Expert knowledge for better healthcare

Behälter zur Entsorgung

The specialist companies within the ALBA Group can offer tailored support in all issues relating to medical waste. They can help you answer questions such as which statutory provisions must be met, how dangerous materials should be dealt with and which substances should be classified as infectious waste. Our experienced experts are available to help and advise customers and develop made-to-measure solutions - from collection to transport to disposal. For example, special container systems can be provided to make it easier to sort the different types of waste on site.

A broad range of services under one roof

As well as medical waste, ALBA Group experts can, on request, dispose of every other type of waste generated by hospitals, care homes and other such institutions - from lightweight packaging to glass to paper and cardboard. Additional services for the healthcare sector are also available from our Facility Solutions division - giving customers the benefit of comprehensive, one-stop service.

"Safe disposal of medical waste – Know-how made in Germany"

With ALBA, all hospital waste is in safe hands.

Do you have questions or require support when it comes to disposing of medical waste? Would you like to know more about our services for hospitals and other healthcare institutions? Our customer advisors will be happy to help.

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