In-depth expertise in hazardous waste

Safe, environmentally friendly disposal

Hazardous waste - waste that is especially dangerous to humans and/or the environment, or that is explosive or combustible - poses a particular threat. These special types of waste include building materials containing asbestos, waste oils, old paints and varnishes, chemicals, workshop and garage waste, contaminated soil, used car tyres, batteries, and waste containing pathogens that may cause disease.

Lagerung von gewerblichen Sonderabfällen

Comprehensive support for your company

We use a specific collection system when dealing with the disposal of large quantities of hazardous waste. The waste is collected on-site by the customer, then transported to the temporary storage facility prior to recycling or some other form of processing. Small businesses such as painters and varnishers can also bring small volumes of substances to the temporary storage facility themselves. We also offer a comprehensive consultancy service to address all issues related to hazardous waste.

Do you need to dispose of hazardous waste safely and in a legally compliant, environmentally friendly way? Or maybe you're in need of some advice? We offer a comprehensive range of services for dealing with hazardous waste. To find out more, just get in touch.

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