Proper disposal of human waste and sewage sludge

Waste water experts in action

When it comes to the vital topic of waste water disposal, there is a fundamental distinction to be drawn between the disposal of human waste and the disposal of sewage sludge. Human waste from underground collection tanks is disposed of in treatment plants, where the mechanical, biological and other methods for treating waste water produce sewage sludge. This can be grouped into three categories, depending on how much harmful material it contains - from uncontaminated to heavily contaminated. Again, a variety of disposal methods are available for this sludge - for example, it can be put to agricultural use, or sent for thermal recycling. There is also comprehensive legislation governing the management and disposal of waste water and sewage sludge.

Abwasserbeseitigung und Klärschlammentsorgung

End-to-end services

The ALBA Group experts have extensive experience of disposing of human waste and sewage sludge in a correct, environmentally friendly and legally compliant way. They are always ready to provide help and advice, and can offer the full range of solutions under one roof - from emptying collection tanks, to transporting sewage sludge to compost manufacturers or thermal power plants. All the way along the logistics chain, our waste management specialists use state-of-the-art technology and remain consistently service-driven.

We dispose of human waste and sewage sludge safely and in an environmentally friendly way, in compliance with statutory regulations. Our waste management concepts are designed and implemented by experts, to meet your specific requirements. To learn more, just get in touch.

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