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The road to more recycling: PET and other substances

Industry and commerce generate many different types of plastic waste, including films, pipes, cables, vehicle parts and production waste. The different types of plastics involved range from polyethylene (PE), to polyethylene terephthalate (PET), to polyamide (PA). Specialist companies within the ALBA Group develop disposal solutions for all types of plastic waste, tailored precisely to meet the needs of each respective customer - for example, by providing container systems to collect different kinds of plastics separately. Careful sorting is vital because only unmixed material fractions are suitable for recycling.

Kunststoff-Recycling und -Aufbereitung in der ALBA Group

Outstanding advice and supervision

ALBA Group experts offer a comprehensive range of services for dealing with plastic waste. Customers can bring recyclable materials to various sites themselves, or have them picked up by specialists. ALBA Group and Interseroh companies also supply additional services such as consultancy, preparing plastics for further processing, and transportation of the plastics to certified recycling companies.

Are you looking to dispose of plastic waste generated by your commercial or industrial enterprise, correctly and in an environmentally friendly way? ALBA Group companies offer a variety of expert waste management services to help you - just get in touch.

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